Hello <Company Name> Team Member, 


We’d like to introduce MeBeBot, our newest team member to answer your HR and IT questions, any time from anywhere! 


MeBeBot is <Company Name>’s Intelligent Assistant, automating answers to your frequently asked questions.  MeBeBot will be available to employees in <Available Locations> for detailed HR questions and to ALL employees for IT questions on <Launch Date>. 


MeBeBot is an application that is used within Microsoft Teams or is available using Web Chat on the <Company Intranet Home Page>. To get started, you can go to the <Company Intranet Home Page>.  Or, you can add MeBeBot to your Teams, use the SEARCH BAR at the top of your Teams and search for MeBeBot, then ADD MeBeBot to your Teams. 


<insert screen shot from Teams> 


You can ask MeBeBot questions such as: 


  • How do I add my spouse to my Medical Insurance? 

  • Can you show me an organizational chart for my team? 

  • How do I get an access badge? 

  • How do I connect to the VPN? 


MeBeBot uses Natural Language Processing and is still learning. If MeBeBot is unable to answer your question, try rephrasing your question, using a complete sentence. The MeBeBot team will continue to work to "train" MeBeBot to become a valuable extension of the <Company Name’>s team. 


A few of the topics MebeBot can assist with include: 

  • Employee Benefits 

  • Company Holidays 

  • Payroll 

  • 401k 

  • Recruiting 

  • IT 

  • Facilities 

  • and many more! 

MeBeBot is also available on your mobile phone, within Microsoft Teams, so you have 24/7 access to help and information, when you need it!   


Stay tuned for more MeBeBot announcements!