Hello <Company Name> Team Member, 


MeBeBot’s first day is <Launch Date>!  MeBeBot, our newest team member, is <Company Name>’s Intelligent Assistant, automating answers to your frequently asked questions for HR and IT.   


MeBeBot will be available to employees in <Available Locations> for detailed HR questions and to ALL employees for IT questions on <Launch Date>. 


Just search for MeBeBot in your <Teams/Slack/WebChat> contacts and you can chat anytime (24/7) regarding your HR, IT, and Facilities questions, from both your computer and your mobile device.  MeBeBot is helping <Company Name>’s HR, IT and Facilities teams to ensure that your commonly asked questions are answered timely and accurately. 


You can ask MeBeBot questions like: 

  • Where can I find training information on Microsoft Teams? 

  • Where can I find the corporate branded power point template? 

  • What are the additional voluntary benefits offered? 

  • What is the Guest Wifi password? 


Here’s how to find MeBeBot in Microsoft Teams:  

  • Launch Microsoft Teams, then click on 1) Chat Menu and 2) Search icon 3) Search for MeBeBot 
  • Once you locate MeBeBot, say “hi” or “hello” (or Howdy, Hey, etc.) and MeBeBot will reply back and greet you.  
  • FOR YOUR FIRST TIME USE:  You may be asked to select the country where you live (and MeBeBot will remember it for future use).  


Then, type in your IT, Facilities, or HR related questions and MeBeBot will promptly answer your question! Just remember…MeBeBot is new and still learning, so please use full sentences, as MeBeBot uses natural language processing. If your question is not answered, try to re-phrase it, and try again. 


EXAMPLE (WRONG): Employee Benefits?  

EXAMPLE (CORRECT): How do I find a doctor? Who is our medical insurance provider? 


MeBeBot is also available on your mobile phone, within Microsoft Teams, so you have 24/7 access to help and information, when you need it!   


Give MeBeBot a try on <Launch Date>!