Hello <Company Name> Team Member, 


Today is MeBeBot’s first day!  MeBeBot, our newest team member, is <Company Name>’s Intelligent Assistant, automating answers to your frequently asked questions for HR and IT.   


MeBeBot is NOW AVAILABLE to employees in <Available Locations> for detailed HR questions and to ALL employees for IT questions on <Launch Date>. 


Just search for MeBeBot in your <Teams/Slack/WebChat> contacts and you can chat anytime (24/7) regarding your HR, IT, and Facilities questions, from both your computer and your mobile device.  MeBeBot is helping <Company Name>’s HR, IT and Facilities teams to ensure that your commonly asked questions are answered timely and accurately. 


You can ask MeBeBot questions like: 

  • What do I do with a phishing email? 

  • Where can I find copies of my pays tubs? 

  • How do I reset my password? 

  • Do we have urgent care coverage? 


EXAMPLE (WRONG): Employee Benefits?  

EXAMPLE (CORRECT): How do I find a doctor? Who is our medical insurance provider? 


MeBeBot is also available on your mobile phone, within Microsoft Teams, so you have 24/7 access to help and information, when you need it!   


Give MeBeBot a try today!