MeBeBot's Pulse Survey Feature allows our customers to gather crucial employee feedback on a frequent basis. These quick Surveys are easy for employees to complete - leading to greater participation and stronger, more timely results. Pulse Surveys are a great addition to Annual, or Quarterly Engagement Surveys which tend to be more time consuming and are conducted much less frequently.

Here is a quick video on the Pulse Survey Feature: Pulse Surveys

A Pulse Survey can easily and quickly be scheduled on the Surveys Tab of the Customer Portal. 

Just click on the blue Add button on the top right corner, enter the Date and time that you would like the Pulse Survey to be sent, as well as the Recipients that you would like surveyed. We have added a Default Greeting that is completely editable if desired. You can select one of the curated Engagement Survey Statements OR type your own, custom Survey Statement that you would like employees Feedback on. You can then add up to 6 employee response options by typing in each response and hitting either Tab or Enter after each response option. Once Schedule is selected, the Survey will then be pushed out to the selected Recipients through the MeBeBot App and will remain open for 7 days from the selected Sent Date.

You will then receive an email notification, similar to the Push Message notification, which provides details on the Scheduled Date, Recipients, Successful Deliveries, Failed Groups or Individuals and the Status. 

**Here is a quick video demonstration of the Pulse Survey Feature:

Once the Survey has Closed, the results can be easily viewed and analyzed by click on the Graph icon next to the Sent Survey. Here you can view, download or print the Question Asked, the dates that the Survey was active for, the Recipients and Responses.