When setting up your MeBeBot Portal, Global Placeholders are a great place to start! 

Global Placeholders and Answers are applicable for all employees - no matter where they are geographically located. For instance, the Company Goals and Objectives - these are more often than not globally set Goals that are applicable for all employees. 

Placeholders are like a mad-lib for the MeBeBot Customer Portal. They are words, or phrases that can be plugged into an Answer that can be changed or updated instantly. For example, Company Name - the Company Name Placeholder could potentially be used in every Answer in the MeBeBot Portal. If the Company Name changed for any reason, this change could be made in one place, instead of hundreds of Answers. 

Placeholders can be sorted by searching for a Keyword, Category and/or Tag. By clicking on the Preview button on the bottom right of a Placeholder, you can Enable/Disable, update or enhance the Placeholder’s content for Global and/or country specific information. On the Preview page for Placeholders, you will see a description of the Placeholder content, the Questions that the Placeholder is used in as well as all countries that currently have an Enabled Placeholder. 

On the Edit page for Placeholders, you also have the option to Schedule a new Placeholder to update at a future date and time. By clicking the “Add” button, a new Placeholder Draft will appear. Enter the new Placeholder content, select a Date and Time for the update to take place and hit Save. This new Placeholder will now automatically update in the Portal on the selected Date and Time in all of the Enabled Answers currently utilizing that Placeholder

*Notice that the Date and Time that this Placeholder will update is listed on the line above the Placeholder Content for your reference.*

By clicking on the “Tool” Icon of the Placeholder, you have visibility into all of the Answers that are currently utilizing that Placeholder, and in what context.

Once you have Enabled and updated all applicable Global Placeholders, select the Global Questions Tab in the Portal. There is an extensive knowledgebase of Questions that are available but remember that only Benefits, Policies or other General Information that is the same for all employees within the company no matter where they are located should be Enabled in Global. All other Questions should be Enabled for specific countries. 

Questions can be searched by scrolling, using a Keyword or by filtering by specific Category.

By clicking on the Preview Icon on the lower right hand of a Question, you can Enable/Disable and update Answers for employees, view a brief Description as well as examples of employee questions that the Question has already been trained to answer and click on any Related Topics as well. 

All Questions have a Default Answer already populated. Review the Default Answer, make any necessary updates needed to better answer your employee’s related questions. When making changes to an Answer, any of your already Enabled Placeholders can be added by typing the “@” icon.

Once your Answer is Enabled and updated, click Save.

Similar to Placeholders, you can also Schedule an Answer to update at a future date and time on the Questions Edit Page by clicking on the Add button.