What is MeBeBot?

MeBeBot is an AI Intelligent Assistant (or chatbot) that automates answers to your commonly asked questions about Benefits, IT, Facilities, Payroll, and just general Company questions. MeBeBot uses natural language processing (NLP) AI technologies, so you can ask questions and receive instant answers! MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant is an app in Slack, so it's accessible 24/7, when you need it.

About Testing 

We are so excited to start the testing phase of the project! This is a very important phase as this is when our team gets to see the answers that we've "personalized" for (Company Name)'s employees. During this testing phase, as questions are asked, we will be making changes and training MeBeBot to understand our needs.

The goal is to have our testers ask 
~50 questions each (10 questions per day for 5 days) to make sure we are getting the expected answers and training the natural language processing behind the scenes. We will also be enhancing any answers to ensure that you receive the correct answer. Please complete all testing by (Testing Phase End Date).

Adding MeBeBot to your Slack workspace

Click on the "+ - Browse Apps" next to Apps (Lower left-hand corner of your Slack screen) 

Search for MeBeBot in the Search Field (Top of the Apps Page) 

Click on the MeBeBot app

MeBeBot will now appear in your Apps!

You will be asked to select your location - to change your location at any time, simply type "Forget my location"

Make sure to add MeBeBot to your “Starred” list by clicking on it and selecting “Star conversation”

Then... Start Asking MeBeBot Questions!

Please ask a total of 50 questions (10 questions each from the following categories):

  • Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Facilities
  • IT
  • Policies

For example, you can ask things such as: 

  • What are the Company Holidays?
  • How do I enroll in my benefits?
  • How do I request a security badge for the office? 
  • How do I connect to the wifi?
  • Do we have an Employee Assistance Program

**Helpful tip: Ask your questions in complete sentences, and if you do not receive the answer you are looking for, mark the Answer as Not Helpful.

***You do NOT need to email us if MeBeBot does not return the correct answer. Our friends at MeBeBot will be monitoring the incorrect answers and will work to apply "human supervised" machine training to improve the accuracy of the answers provided.

looking for, try rephrasing your question and asking again!

Let us know if the answer was helpful to you or not by answering Yes or No.